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Reminder #2
Okay, now this is my last reminder. If you still haven't removed this journal from your flist, please do. Or don't, but this is really the last entry. If you missed the explanation, go two posts back. If you don't add zillyjay instead, I'm just going to assume that you're not interested anymore. Or inactive. That's alright. Goodbye then.

This is just a reminder for people who missed my last post or forgot about it. It happens all the time ...

So as you may or may not already know, this journal is going to be completely inactive from now on. You can remove it. Add zillyjay instead. :)

Er, sorry for the confusion. I just felt the need to combine my two accounts to make my life a little easier.

not another one of those ...
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ATTENTION! Important!

I am currently freaking out because this post is completely spontaneous I've been thinking about it for a long, long time, but now that I actually want to move out, I decided that combining my two journals would be a good idea. You know, to make things easier and all. Logging in and out at a public computer is annoying enough if you don't have two accounts, so I'm going into preparation mode, so to speak.

As most of you already know, the other one is zillyjay.

Don't be thrown off by what has already been posted over there - from now on, locked posts will be just like what you're used to from me, and only the public posts will be fandom-ish and/or silly, full of links and quotes etc. In other words, actually it's going to be a lot like one year ago.

One thing will be different: I haven't been using capital letters as zillyjay and I'm not going to start now. If that's a problem for anyone ... uh. Sorry. I like it that way. Just don't add me again if it bothers you. :/

Yes, that means you can remove janadeniera. No, that doesn't mean I change usernames once a year. Chances are this is really the last time, I swear.

Ack. I had been meaning to get zillicons up and running before doing this. Why oh why can't I make icons at the moment? *wanders off grumbling about creativity and inspiration*


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